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 Hybrid- Inverter PILUM

…control your electricy intelligent!

The hybrid inverter PILUM is the control center for all the energy flow in a power self- consumption solution and is connected with PV modules, energy storage, the energy monitoring system and the national grid.


PILUM advantages

  • Single phase 3 kW hybrid inverter
  • pure sine wave output voltage
  • Built-in MPPT charge controller
  • Microprocessor controlled to ensure a reliable and stable battery charging
  • Operating mode: grid-tie, grid-tie with compensation and off-grid (battery backup)
  • Automatic switching to off-grid mode during power failure
  • All connectors are plug & play




  • 1 x DC connector for PV:Phoenix Sunclix
  • 1 x DC disconnect switch PV
  • 1 x DC connector for battery, 120 A/ 600 V, reverse- polarity protected
  • 2 x AC connector: 1x grid- tie, 1x off-grid operation


 “PILUM” – Technical Data