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We safe electricity! Efficient and safe.

The energy depot energy storage DOMUS 3.0 and 4.1 are available in various overall sizes.

Die Energy Depot Energiespeicher DOMUS 3.0 und 4.1 sind in verschiedenen Gesamtgrößen erhältlich. The output base is 3 kWh or 4.1 kWh, which can then be extended by additional energy storage modules.

The energy storage tanks can thus be adapted individually to the consumption and the needs of the customer, e.g. for family houses, farms or industrial applications.

Energy Depot uses exclusively state-of-the-art LiFePO4 Batteries of the newest generation!

Batterie management systems (BMS) are crucial for all LiFePO4 batteries in context of lifespan and safety of energy systems.Because of that we accepted the challenge to develop a BMS, which can fully exploit its advantages for PV systems. Our proactive battery management system assists the energy storage to a longer lifespan and monitors every single battery cell for correct function. Should any irregularities occur in the battery cell, the energy storage is put into a safe mode.
The DOMUS series is elegantly attached to your wall and, compared to 19″ cabinet systems, leaves you with a lot more space in the cellar or technical room