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You manage your company, we manage your energy!

Energy is one of the major cost factors in companies as well as private homes. An energy management system forms the basis in order to reduce the energy consumption and the costs significantly. The energy manager analyzes and stears intelligenty (e.g. time and / or costs optimized) the devices which are connected to it, e.g. Water boiler, washing machine, heating, lawn sprinkler, greenhouse temperature and water, autom. Window blinds, production machines. There are a variety of different sensors to the energy manager EM100/200 can be connected, for example. Sensors for pressure, Temepratur, humidity, sun intensity, electricity meters, and much more.

Increasing energy costs reduce the profit in almost all businesses, therefore, can be found just in energy use large savings. By introducing an energy manager system, you can save up to 20% of your energy costs in the first few years after implementation.

The use of a professional energy manager is particularly crucial in the implementation of an energy audit in accordance with ISO 50001, for example. at shopping centers, industrial facilities, corporate buildings and public infrastructure.
Our professional Energy Manager EM 100/200 delivers ISO reports on the basis of ISO 50001 and is for businesses who want to be certified the first choice!

All energy data are recorded by the built-in flash memory and sent in regular intervals to our cloud server. Thus, you have a web interface worldwide secure access to your energy management system and all devices connected to it, and sensors. Steer so as Lighting, blinds, TV, monitor Kamaras or your company machines once outside the preset automatic program manually from vacation or wherever you are on a business trip!

Whether you are eager to transform your business on the path of Industry 4.0 towards a Smart Factory and use energy simply more efficient and stear energy more intelligent or want to upgrade your private home to a real Smart Home, with our energy manager EM 100/200 you definitely make the right decision.

Please contact us, we will gladly advise you on your actual project and quickly send you a quote!


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