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Hybrid Inverter CENTURIO


… the control center of your electrical self-consumption solution!


  • High power – Full 10 kW inverter output is available in battery and island mode
  • Autarky – The 3-phase design and the instant (<100ms) load compensation are the base for backup and off-grid operation
  • Flexible – 2 integrated MPP tracker allow integration in various photovoltaic installations
  • Best Performance – Efficiencies of >98% and outstanding part load performance for best electrical yield
  • Electrical Quality – True sinus output with single phase compensation performs better than the power grid
  • Intelligent Safety – Integrated battery management system and protective relays monitor the system and safely disconnect if necessary
  • Easy Install – Adapter plate and low weight design
  • Quiet– No fan no noise



1 x DC Battery Connector
2 x DC PV Connectors
DC Disconnecting Switch
Set-Button for LCD menu mode
BMS Communication RJ45
VECTIS Communication RJ45
LAN Communication RJ45
AC Connector for public or island grid



The CENTURIO hybrid inverter delivers best efficiency values in all operation modes. Not only DC-AC conversion of pv generation, but battery charging and discharging is optimized to conversion efficiencies cleary above >97%

“CENTURIO” – Technical Data